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Social Service Commission Recommendation On Law And Order (adopted)

1. RESOLVED, That we stand unalterably opposed to mob violence in all forms and for the firm and consistent enforcement of all law and the impartial administration of justice by constituted authority and in the regular and orderly process of the courts against all offenders of whatever race, class or station.

3. RESOLVED, (a) That we rejoice in and commend the position of the President for law enforcement and law observance and pledge to him and all other constituted civil authority our loyal and undivided support in all proper efforts for the accomplishment of the high and worthy objective set up by the President; (b) that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the President.

9. RESOLVED, That we note with pleasure the fact that the Government in launching a popular campaign by means of posters and otherwise, in the interest both of law enforcement and law observance; we hope that from year to year the appropriation for this purpose will be increased and the effort shall be made worthy of the Government and vitally important interests involved.