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Social Service Commission Recommendation (adopted) Concerning Public Office And Elections

1. That we declare public office to be a public trust, to be held and administered only in the best interest and for the highest welfare of all the people.

2. That no person is worthy of public office who is not socially-minded and does not believe in the enactment of such laws as will promote the moral welfare of the people, or who does not believe in the enforcement and observance of all laws.

3. That we recognize the right of all to advocate a change in any provision of our constitution and laws, but, in the language of the President, which we quote with approval, “Our whole system of self-government will crumble either if officials elect what laws they will enforce or citizens elect what laws they will support. The worst evil of disregard for some law is that it destroys respect for all law. For our citizens to patronize the violation of a particular law on the ground that they are opposed to it, is destructive of the very basis of all the protection of life, homes and property which they rightly claim under other laws.”

4. That we are in no sense concerned with party politics nor with the fate or future of any political party. But in all great moral questions we are deeply concerned, both as citizens and Christians, no matter how they may become related to politics or questions of Government.

5. That, as we have frequently done heretofore, we declare our intention and purpose not to support for President of the United States, Senator, Representative, Governor, or other officer of high and responsible position any candidate who is hostile to or does not openly and frankly support our present prohibition laws, but to seek the defeat of any such candidate no matter what party label he may wear.


That your Commission be authorized to urge upon Congress the speedy enactment of the several legislative measures recommended by the President in keeping with suggestions of the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and Law Observance.