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Social Service Commission Recommendation (adopted)

4. That we unhesitatingly and unsparingly condemn as the worst form of lawlessness the neglect of duty or the disregard of solemn obligations on the part of public servants of the people whether they occupy legislative, executive or judicial positions. If those elected to public office by the people treat lightly their oath of office or fail faithfully to perform their solemn obligations, orderly government ceases and all safeguards or liberty perish.

6. (a) That this Convention urge upon all Baptist Pastors and churches throughout the bounds of the Convention to be diligent, faithful and persistent a preaching and living against the use of intoxicating drinks in all forms, including beer and wine recently legalized and sought to be popularized by faithless and corrupt politicians and by the vicious and vice-breeding element of the public press;

(b) That the Convention suggest and recommend to our Baptist people everywhere that they give their patronage in all lines of merchandise to individuals and concerns which do not engage in the sale of intoxicating beverages; that only in this way can our people preserve to the best advantage their own moral integrity and example and only in this way can they safeguard to the best advantage the morals of their children.

(c) That the Convention suggest and recommend to all Baptist citizens that they inform themselves as to the attitude taken and vote cast by their representatives in Congress and in the several state legislatures on the question of legalizing the manufacture and sale of beer and wine and on the proposed question of the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment, and that whenever any Representative who took a stand for the sale of liquor or for the repeal of the Amendment, or both, seeks re-election and the voter has any choice between him and a man of higher type and better character, support be given to the latter.

B. M. Jackson, Texas, offered the following amendment which was adopted:

RESOLVED, That we heartily commend those members of Congress, irrespective of party, who stood steadfastly and kept the prohibition faith despite the political pressure brought to bear on them to vote otherwise, and pledge such members of Congress our loyal, enthusiastic, moral support so long as they remain true to their trust.