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Resoluton On The Bill Of Rights

WHEREAS, The Southern Baptist Convention is holding its 1972 session in Philadelphia, the birthplace of the Constitution of the United States, and

WHEREAS, The historic witness of our Baptist forebears to freedom of conscience, the right of dissent and the integrity of the individual are incorporated in this Constitution, and

WHEREAS, The first ten amendments were made a part of the Constitution as a Bill of Rights to guarantee protection of these liberties from all encroachment, and

WHEREAS, In times of social unrest, rising expectations, increase of crime and military conflict, the rights and liberties of individuals are subject to compromise,

Therefore, be it RESOLVED, That the Southern Baptist Convention, through its deep commitment to these individual human rights, call upon the government, and all in authority, for a solemn and inviolate rededication to the spirit and letter of the safeguards contained in the Bill of Rights.

Be it further RESOLVED, That we urge all Southern Baptists to work effectively as Christian citizens in support of these rights through appropriate legislative, judicial and administrative action.