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Resolution On World Peace

WHEREAS, The Bible teaches that human life is valuable and that genuine peace with justice is the ideal for relations between people of all nations.

Therefore, be it RESOLVED, That this Convention meeting in St. Louis, Mo., June 1-3, 1971, call upon Southern Baptists to search the Scriptures to determine the role of the Christian in time of war, and

Be it further RESOLVED, That this Convention urge Christians to remember that in reference to war our primary responsibility is to work for a just peace, and

Be it further RESOLVED, That we ask all American citizens to uphold principles of peace, justice, and the dignity of human life and to resist those who attempt to glorify immoral conduct in war, and

Be it further RESOLVED, That, we commend President Nixon for his part in reducing the number of troops in Vietnam, and that we urge him to continue our American withdrawal in keeping with our desperate concern for the prisoners of war, and that we assure him of our prayers in the search for world peace.