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Resolution On Welfare

WHEREAS, Complex social forces have brought many to depend on government welfare for their subsistence, and

WHEREAS, There is often confusion about the validity of welfare and sometimes hostility toward welfare recipients, and

WHEREAS, The present welfare system is a tangle of bureaucratic regulations and often ineffective programs which stand in need of reform, and

WHEREAS, Christians have a Bible-taught responsibility to help those who are in need in a manner that will maintain the dignity and worth of even the least and poorest, and

WHEREAS, The true issues of welfare are often hidden behind cliches which perpetuate welfare myths,

Therefore, be it RESOLVED, That we urge Southern Baptists to support federal welfare reform legislation which may adequately financially help the many people in need of: job training for those able to work and the maintenance of the dignity of those who are forced because they are very young, very old, very sick, or severely incapacitated to depend on welfare for their existence.