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Resolution On Violence, Disregard For Law

WHEREAS, Violence, resulting in the tragic death of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, has shocked our nation during this week of our Convention, and

WHEREAS, Such violence is the latest in a series of tragic events which have convulsed our nation with grief in recent times, and

WHEREAS, The unbridled passion of mobs has shamed this country over and over again through lynching, rioting, looting, burning, and shooting, and

WHEREAS, The glorification and exploitation of violence in television, movies, newspapers, and fiction have legitimized violence as a way of life, made heroes out of criminals, and exerted an adverse influence on the character of our nation, particularly our youth, and

WHEREAS, A permissive atmosphere has developed in our society where many people are psychologically conditioned to violence, crime and anarchy, and disrespect for law, and

WHEREAS, We recognize that the basic cause of this climate of hatred, violence, extremism, and contempt for the rights of others is sin in the hearts of men,

Therefore, be it RESOLVED, That this Convention commend the President of the United States for his decisive condemnation of hatred and violence in saying, “We must not tolerate the sway of violent men among us. We must not permit men filled with hatred and careless of innocent life to dominate our streets and fill our homes with fear. We cannot sanction the appeals of violence, no matter what its cause, no matter what the grievance from which it springs,” and

Be it further RESOLVED, That we commend and support the President’s urgent plea to Congress to “pass laws to bring the insane traffic in guns to a halt,” while maintaining the constitutional right to the legitimate possession of arms, and national leaders to act decisively to meet the problems of which violence is a result, not only because we want to avert violence and anarchy, but because, under God, we want to do right, and

Be it further RESOLVED, That we petition the executive, legislative, and judicial leaders of our nation and the individual states to uphold the law and to take positive steps to establish a climate of respect for law, and

Be it further RESOLVED, That we commend those responsible leaders of all groups who have shown, and are showing, remarkable determination in seeking to hold violence in check while working for social justice, and that we urge all leaders of all groups to refrain from encouraging others to disobey laws with which they are not in agreement but to seek redress of their grievances through proper legal procedures, and

Be it further RESOLVED, That we call upon all citizens to support their local police and all who are in authority not by words only but by paying taxes to raise police salaries and improving police training, insisting upon responsible use of force, and creating open communication between citizens and their policemen, and

Be it further RESOLVED, That we call upon Baptist people to renew their allegiance to civil authority, respect for the rights of others, and cooperation with all agencies and institutions responsible for maintaining law and order and seeking to bring about social justice, and

Be it further RESOLVED, That we continue to strive to purge hostility and misunderstanding from our hearts, seek forgiveness for our own sins, and reaffirm our reverence and respect for the lives and rights of others, and

Be it further RESOLVED, That we call our institutions and agencies, our leaders, our people, and ourselves to a renewed dedication to Jesus Christ, and to the proclamation and practice of the Gospel of His redeeming love as the ultimate answer to the spiritual malady affecting the modern world.