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Resolution On Tobacco

RESOLVED, That in view of the world-wide interest at the present time in the cause of Temperance and the growing volume of public opinion in India against the use of intoxicants and drugs like opium and morphine, the consumption of which is alarmingly growing and thus is a serious menace to the physical health, and moral and spiritual well-being of the three hundred fifteen millions of people of India, the Southern Baptist Convention, representing three million white Baptists of America, in its annual session held in Washington, D.C., May 12 to 17, 1920, earnestly requests the Government of India to prohibit the import, manufacture and sale of alcoholic liquors and drugs–particularly prohibition of the cultivation of poppy and manufacture and sale of opium in India for other than medical purposes. Be it further,

RESOLVED, That a copy of the above resolution be officially forwarded by the Secretary of the Convention to Baptist missionaries in India, to the Hon. Pundit Madan Mohon Malaviya, the President of All-India Temperance Conference, Delhi, India; to the Viceroy of India, to the Secretary of State of India, London; the Premier of Great Britain, and to Lord Clwyd, the President of the Anglo-Indian Temperance Association, Arkbrook, Home Park Road, Wimbledon, S. W. 19, England.