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Resolution On The Lords Day

WHEREAS, There is a growing disregard of Sunday as the Lord’s Day, and

WHEREAS, There is under consideration in the Congress of the United States a bill to fix certain national holidays on Monday, and

WHEREAS, Such a bill, if passed, will encourage further disregard of Sunday as the Lord’s Day,

Therefore, Be it RESOLVED, That we appeal for a proper and faithful Observance of Sunday as the Lord’s Day by our people.

215. Perry Ginn presented Resolution No. 8–“On Church-State Relations”–and moved its adoption. Wendell G. Davis (N.C.) moved an amendment to include the following paragraph: “Be it further resolved, That we reaffirm our faith in the principle that tax funds come from all citizens and should not be used to further the advantages of any religious or sectarian causes.” After discussion, the motion to amend passed, and then the motion to approve the resolution on church-state relations, as amended, passed. The paragraph comprising the amendment was to be inserted immediately following the first paragraph of resolution.