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Resolution On The American Bible Society

WHEREAS, This Convention recognizes, first, that widespread distribution of the printed Word of God is a basic need in mission work around the world, and second, that missionary advance calls for even greater distribution of Bibles, New Testaments, Gospels, and other individual books of the Bible, and

WHEREAS, We recognize that the American Bible Society renders an essential, worldwide missionary service through translating and publicizing the Scriptures without note or comment and through distributing them without profit and usually below cost, and

WHEREAS, We recognize that the American Bible Society is rendering an additional special service through providing, without charge, to the Chaplains, Scriptures for distribution to the men and women of the Armed Forces and to patients in Veterans Hospitals;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That we fraternally urge all our churches and our people to make worthy contributions to the work of the American Bible Society, in order to provide the Scriptures needed for the missionary advance to which we are committed.