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Resolution On The American Bible Society

WHEREAS, This Convention has already recognized the essential worldwide service rendered by the American Bible Society in its missionary non-profit work of translation, publication and distribution of the Scriptures without note or comment, and has commended this work to the interest and financial support of our churches and our people, and

WHEREAS, The American Bible Society today, in addition to the regular work of supplying Scriptures for World-wide Missions, is also (1) providing New Testaments and other Scriptures for our Armed Forces, (2) supplying the Word of God in many languages for War Prisoners and Refugees and (3) preparing now to send large quantities of Scriptures to needy people in the war areas as soon as those lands are set free,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That we earnestly request our churches and our people to make contributions to the work of the American Bible Society and to provide for the continued support of this essential missionary work by gifts which will adequately represent our historic Baptist convictions regarding the primary importance of the Scriptures and the necessity for their widespread circulation throughout the world.