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Resolution On Student Loans

In view of the need for more workers in the kingdom, and in view of the great need of many of our young ministers for financial assistance in obtaining an education; be it

RESOLVED, That this Convention commend to our colleges and seminaries the importance and value of a loan fund for students for the ministry, to be used in the form of loans in proportion to the needs of the student and made only to worthy men who are properly commended for the purpose, and that the loans be made on the following conditions:

1. That the student render a specified amount of work each week in connection with the churches, Sunday schools, and mission stations of the community, or any other such forms as may be suggested. From three to five hours per week would, perhaps, be the proper amount the time to be given to this work by the individual student.

2. That the student return the loan, without interest, after he has finished his college and seminary work. This may be done either as a personal gift or in the form of money raised from others for the purpose.

RESOLVED, Second, that this recommendation is in no way to be understood as setting aside other gift funds or loan funds now being administered by our colleges and seminaries. These have been useful in the past and will no doubt continue to be useful in the future. The present recommendation seeks to add to them a method of aid which will promote the spread of the kingdom in the communities where our schools are located, in the form suggested in this resolution.