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Resolution On Selective Service Legislation

In reference to the resolution presented by W. A. Duncan concerning a commendation to the Department of Defense of the United States Government, we recommend the following revised resolution:

WHEREAS, The United States Department of Defense has provided much excellent material for character development, and the promotion of good citizenship and patriotic culture among our young people in Military Service, and

WHEREAS, The military leaders have cooperated with the chaplains and other leaders in propagating the content of this material to officers and servicemen,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the messengers of the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Miami, Florida, May 18-21, 1955, do commend the Department of Defense for the positive religious and character development programs now being conducted for all members of the armed forces. We urge that even greater effort be put forth to provide the opportunity for persons in the armed forces to further develop their spiritual lives and undergird their moral character to the end that they may be good citizens of our Commonwealth.


In reference to the resolution presented by W. A. Duncan concerning the chaplaincy service at West Point Military Academy, we recommend:

WHEREAS, the religious ministry at West Point Military Academy is not now in conformity with our American traditions as expressed in the present integrated national defense structure, and is not included in the services rendered by the regular Corps of Chaplains of the United States Army.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, By the Southern Baptist Convention in session in Miami, Florida, May 21, 1955: That the current session of the Congress of the United States be requested to repeal the act approved February 18, 1896, and all amendments pertaining thereto, which original act was entitled “An Act to Amend Section 1309, Revised Statistics, Providing a Chaplain for the Military
Academy,” and

FURTHER, BE IT RESOLVED, That such repeal provide at West Point Military Academy a religious ministry in the same manner as provided for all other Army Posts and military organizations.