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Resolution On Safeguarding The Homes And Health Of Our People

1. That we express our satisfaction that the States are beginning to recognize more fully and to exercise more freely their responsibility for better regulation of marriage, as indicated by the fact that eleven States now require physical examination both of the bride and groom before marriage license can be issued; five require examination of the groom only; eleven prohibit marriage of persons with social disease, and that some require personal affidavit of freedom from social disease, with no examination specified; and that thirty-three have had or have similar legislation pending before the 1939 Assembly.

2. That we express our hearty approval of such legislation and of all other reasonable measures to regulate marriage, such as laws setting proper age limit and requiring advance notice and publication before a license can be issued, and all other reasonable restrictions to safeguard the homes and protect the health of our people and to give permanency to the marriage relation and reduce the daily grind of the divorce mill.