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Resolution On Religious Liberty

We solemnly resolve, in the face of the world, and in the fear of God–

1. That we believe civil government to be of divine appointment, and that magistrates should be prayed for, and obeyed, in all things, not contrary to the rights of conscience and the revealed will of Christ.

2. That Christ is the Supreme Ruler, of the Church–that it is his prerogative to put men into the gospel ministry, and that they are amenable only to him for the discharge of its functions–that all interference with these functions on the part of conscience; and that when the claims of civil rulers come in conflict with those of Christ, it is our duty to “obey God rather than men,” and endure the consequences.

3. That we express our sincere sympathy and high regard for those ministers, who, in following the dictates of their consciences, and maintaining the authority of their Supreme Lawgiver, have cheerfully submitted to fines, imprisonments, and other “pains and penalties,” and that we will earnestly pray that rulers may be so considerate and just, and that Christian ministers may be so discreet and upright, that the cause of Christ may not be hindered, and the name of God blasphemed.

4. That in adoption these resolutions, the Convention expressly disavow any disposition to interfere with political affairs, and have regard solely to the question of religious liberty.