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Resolution On Recognition Of The 75th Anniversary Of The Womans Missionary Union

WHEREAS, Woman’s Missionary Union, auxiliary to the Southern Baptist Convention, has just celebrated its 75th anniversary, and

WHEREAS, The Union has had as president for the past seven years a woman of unusual capabilities and a deep sense of dedication.

We therefore congratulate Woman’s Missionary Union on its growth and achievements and express sincere appreciation to Mrs. R. L. Mathis for her Christian devotion through these years of leadership, and for her untiring efforts which brought us into a deeper awareness of our Baptist heritage and of our responsibility in world missions through the presentation of the 75th Anniversary Pageant.

WHEREAS, Mrs. Mathis has been elected promotion divisional director of WMU and therefore brings to a close her tenure as the Union’s president and as a member of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention,

Be it RESOLVED, That we recognize her loyal support of the Convention’s total program and the strength of her leadership on Convention committees.