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Resolution On Prayer For Farmers

WHEREAS, The American farm family has been blessed by God with abilities and resources for meeting the challenge of feeding America and much of the world; and

WHEREAS, Many Southern Baptists derive their livelihood directly or indirectly from agriculture; and

WHEREAS, The existing farm crisis threatens individuals and churches with severe economic, social, and personal stress; and

WHEREAS, Future projections indicate that 250,000 full-time farmers will be out of farming by 1990 and by the year 2000 one million full and part-time farmers will no longer farm.

Be it therefore RESOLVED, That we, as messengers of the Southern Baptist Convention meeting June 10-12, 1986, urge regular and sincere prayer for all farmers, farm families, churches, and communities effected by current economic setbacks; and

Be it finally RESOLVED, That we urge Southern Baptist Convention agencies, state conventions, associations, and churches to be sensitive to the needs and opportunities for ministry occasioned by the farm crisis in America.