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Resolution On Peace Of The World

We recommend that this Convention urge the President and the Congress of our nation to commit themselves afresh to peaceful methods of establishing world peace. We recognize the necessity of strong national defense, but we repudiate the idea that world peace can be established by military might. Behind our military defense, and more powerful is the Spirit of Peace. The diplomacy of demand must be accompanied by the diplomacy of friendliness and just and aggressive proposals for the well-being of all nations. We urge against all military policies that would, by becoming fixed patterns in our national structure, militarize the thinking and outlook of our people. We urge that in the diplomatic procedure of our government the voices, not only of military men, but of the scientists, educators, economists and spiritual leaders of the nation be heard. We further urge that the Christians of America commit themselves and their citizenship to the Prince of Peace who would substitute love for hate and neighborliness for war. In the name of humanity and in the name of Jesus Christ we call upon our leaders in Congress and in the United Nations to repudiate the fatalistic idea that war is inevitable and to deliver our nation from the prospect of war by exploring and following out the way of peaceful settlement of our international problems.