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Resolution On Peace

1. That we hereby declare our unalterable opposition to war and our devotion to the maintenance of peace among the nations of the world.

2. That we give our support to the President of the United States in his statement that “The United States is willing to consult with other states in case of a threat to peace,” with a view of averting international conflict.

3. That we approve of the investigation of the operations and methods of armament and munition manufacturers, conducted by a committee of the United States Senate headed by Senator Nye, with a view to formulating legislation which shall end the military racket and take the profit out of war; we desire to see this investigation carried to completion and to see it result in appropriate and effective legislation.

4. That we would rejoice to see the United States adopt the “Non-aggression pact” proposed by the President and providing that no nation shall send any armed force of whatsoever nature over its own borders.

5. That we reiterate our insistence that the United States should enter the World Court without further delay, and we therefore request the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs to put this matter on the calendar for the next session of Congress, and that we urge the Senate to ratify the Court Protocol on the basis of reservations already passed by the Senate and accepted by the other nations cooperating with the Court.