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Resolution On Peace

Whereas, The matter of the reconstruction of the world upon a permanent peace basis, is the supreme question of the present,

And whereas, The adjustment of the perplexing world-problem which is filling all nations with unrest, can only be made by the use of those spiritual forces that have been especially committed to the churches,

And whereas, The ethical principles of the Gospel of our Lord are the changeless truths both for personal and national life of the whole world,

And whereas, There is a wide-spread expression that it would be wise and timely to call a conference of representatives of the leading nations to discuss in a friendly way, the question of disarmament,

Resolved, First; That, as a Convention of Christians, we are glad to join other bodies in an endorsement of this seemingly, practical movement toward disarmament with the hope and prayer that our torn and bleeding world may be restored to peace under the guidance and benediction of the Prince of Peace,

Resolved, Second; That, a copy of this Resolution be sent to the President of the United States and to the Secretary of State.