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Resolution On Peace

WHEREAS, The question of international arbitration for the settlement and final disposition of such questions as may arise by and between the great world powers is now receiving a measure of grave consideration heretofore unknown in the history of human government; and

WHEREAS, There is now pending between the United States and England a protocol that as between those two nations all questions of disagreement shall be adjusted and finally disposed of, not by the arbitrament of the sword, but a court of competent jurisdiction; and

WHEREAS, England and the United States are properly regarded in the sisterhood of nations as the two greatest powers, not only from the standpoint of naval and military strength, but commercial standing as well, having attracted the attention of all peoples to their spirit of fairness and liberality; and

WHEREAS, The nations of Europe are discussing the subject of universal peace and the national foundations for providing and preserving the same with a large measure of approval and hope for success; and

WHEREAS, No good nor satisfactory reasons can be found for war between civilized and Christian nations; and

WHEREAS, The gospel of the blessed Christ is a gospel of peace, it was announced at his birth “Peace on earth, good will to men;” and

WHEREAS, A civilization uninfluenced by the teachings of the New Testament is without the groundwork of permanent peace. War is a scourge, is wrong in principle and morally corrupting; therefore,

RESOLVED, First, That this Convention most heartily commends the action of President Taft in submitting to the English Government terms of arbitration for the arbitrament of all questions which may hereafter arise between the United States and England.

(a) Also the favorable consideration given this subject by Premier Asquith and Lord Gray of England.

(b) Also the gift of Mr. Carnegie of ten million dollars to be expended in the preservation and maintenance of international peace.

Second, That we here declare our firm belief in the prophesy of Micah when he said, “They shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks, nation shall not lift up a sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.”

Third, That as Southern Baptists we will talk up peace and talk down war; that we will pray God for universal peace.