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Resolution On Peace

WHEREAS, The inspired Holy Scriptures assert the dignity of all human life, and

WHEREAS, Our nation is currently locked in a long and lonely war, and

WHEREAS, The conditions precipitated by all war is viewed as deplorable, and,

WHEREAS, The Scriptures plainly teach respect and honor for governmental officials, referring to them at times as “ministers of God,” and,

WHEREAS, The Scriptures likewise indicate that ultimate peace is found only through Jesus Christ,

Therefore, be it RESOLVED, That the Southern Baptist Convention:

(1) Give full support to the Commander-in-Chief of our nation in those efforts to bring about a just and honorable peace and to accelerate efforts to bring home at the earliest possible time our combat forces in Vietnam.

(2) Urge Christians across America to join in concerted prayer for our President as well as other governmental leaders as they make decisions leading toward peace.