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Resolution On Peace

WHEREAS, Peace negotiators are now engaged in efforts to terminate the cruel war in Vietnam which is taking an awesome toll in human life and property, and

WHEREAS, The universal dream of mankind is for a world of peace, brotherhood, and freedom for all peoples, and

WHEREAS, As disciples of the Prince of Peace, we as Christians have a mandate to be peacemakers, to seek the preservation of human life, to love and to pray for all people, even our enemies, and

WHEREAS, There are many ministers from the ranks of Southern Baptists serving as chaplains in Vietnam, and

WHEREAS, Young men from our families are fighting and dying in Vietnam, sides in this conflict to seek an immediate cease fire and a termination of all hostile activities and any further buildup of military power or advantage, and

Be it further RESOLVED, That we urge the nations involved to seek an honorable solution that will bring a just and durable peace that recognizes the dignity and values of human personality and the inalienable right of all men to be free, and

Be it further RESOLVED, That we pray for the peace negotiators, the delegates of the United Nations, the men of good will in all parts of the world who seek after peace and justice, our Christian brothers who are suffering for their faith around the world, for suffering humanity, and

Be it further RESOLVED, That we be messengers of hope and good news, encouraging mankind not to despair in its quest for the reign of peace and justice and righteousness, ever believing that these are the gifts God seeks to give the people of this world through His Son and our Lord Jesus Christ.