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Resolution On Obscenity

WHEREAS, We find ourselves in the midst of a moral revolution of unprecedented proportions, and

WHEREAS, The mass media including radio, television, movies, and literature greatly affect our total society, and

WHEREAS, There has developed an appalling tendency to violate the most elementary code of moral decency,


1. That this Convention urge all responsible Christian citizens to appeal to newsstand proprietors and sellers of all publications to refuse to sell such literature as appeals to prurient interests, and

2. That in those states where there are now no laws enabling such proprietors to refuse objectionable materials from wholesalers, we strongly support the prompt enactment of such laws, and

3. That this Convention urge the motion picture industry to reinstate and honor its own code of decency, and

4. That this Convention hereby voice the urgent hope that the television industry will reject its current programming of violence, immorality, and illicit sex in favor of basic moral values without which no nation can long endure.