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Resolution On Motion Pictures

1. That we hereby deplore and condemn the exhibition of motion pictures which depict vice or crime in such manner as to make it alluring and degrading to the thought life and the moral life of those who witness the exhibitions, especially of immature youth.

2. That we hereby express our approval of any legislation now pending in the Congress of the United States, or hereafter to be introduced, having as its purpose the abolition of the system commonly known as “blind selling” and “block booking,” and that the Social Service Commission be and it is hereby authorized to communicate this approval to the members of Congress at any appropriate time or times and to urge upon Congress the enactment of such legislation.

3. That we express our belief that appropriate legislation should be enacted by Congress authorizing some governmental agency to exercise censorship and control over motion picture films intended for export to foreign countries, to the end that our American people and institutions may not be misrepresented and discredited in the eyes of other nations.