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Resolution On Motion Pictures

WHEREAS, The motion picture industry has for many years exploited for its own profit the baser tendencies in human nature by presenting on the screen scenes depicting gambling, drinking, organized vice, divorce and general immorality, and

WHEREAS, The large majority of the total population attend the motion picture theatres and many of those attending are children and impressionable youth with the result that many films presented have probably become a contributing factor to delinquency, divorce, and broken homes in that they tend to glamorize loose morals, now therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, First, that this Convention earnestly urge the motion picture industry to eliminate these deplorable influences;

Second, that this Convention urge the membership of our churches to use discrimination in the choice of the shows that they and their children attend; and

Third, That the Convention urge our membership to cooperate locally with the membership of other denominational groups in the settings up of the standards to which they would like the pictures to conform and that through publicity and otherwise they advise the people in their communities as to whether or not certain pictures conform to these standards.

BE IT RESOLVED FURTHER, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to Mr. Eric Johnson who is charged with responsibility of providing decent pictures for the American people.