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Resolution On Missions Challenge

WHEREAS, The Foreign Mission Board and the Home Mission Board have projected Bold Mission challenges through the years to 2000 A.D., and

WHEREAS, The National Seminar on Support of Missions made in-depth findings and recommendations for Bold Mission support in Baptist life, and

WHEREAS, The Missions Challenge Committee, basing its detailed study, stated: “Southern Baptist giving according to currrent projections will not fund projected needs based upon current strategies without significant alterations in the proportion of allocations at the individual, church, state, and Convention levels.”

In appreciation of a joint endeavor encompassing all of Baptist life that shall not only change our vision of boldness and challenge our understanding of expectancy, but also anticipate an adjustment in life-style in individuals, churches, and conventions, which would be sufficient to sustain our Bold Mission advance called for in our Lord’s commission and by the staggering spiritual and physical needs of our world,

I therefore move that, in order to plan full implementation and thrust for the missions challenge being undertaken by Southern Baptists, which involves the Stewardship Commission because of its program assignment and because of the request that the Stewardship Commission work with the state conventions to develop “bold promotional programs” designed to reach the objective, a task force comprised of local church leaders, both ministers and laypersons, state executive secretaries and other state staff, Woman’s Missionary Union personnel, Southern Baptist Convention agency leaders, and members of the Executive Committee be appointed by the executive director of the Stewardship Commission, after full consultation, to assist in developing “aggressive, sacrificial, and bold promotional programs indispensable to this undertaking.”