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Resolution On Ministers

WHEREAS, There is an alarming shortage in preachers for the home field and foreign service caused by the demand for preachers in the war work in its various branches and by the enlistment of men in the war from our schools and churches who otherwise would enter the ministry and mission service; and

WHEREAS, This shortage will continue to increase more and more as the war continues, unless steps are taken to make good the shortage by the more recruits; and,

WHEREAS, There is a decrease in the attendance in colleges and seminaries of men called of God to preach, a decrease in the first year of the war running from eighteen to fifty percent, thus imperiling the work of Christ’s churches and his kingdom in all phases of his service;

Therefore be it RESOLVED, That this Convention call on our churches and pastors, our schools, our religious papers, our Boards and other denominational agencies and forces to sound out the call and to give the alarm in pulpit, pew, paper, platform, home, classroom and everywhere, calling attention to this shortage, urging the necessity for trained leadership now and after the war closes in the reconstruction of the world torn by war, in a time of all times for wise and spiritual leadership.

(2) That everywhere, in our church and domestic circles prayer, persistent and full of faith and sacrifice, be offered to God that he will call out more laborers into his fields of labor and harvest;

(3) That a commission of seven brethren be appointed at this time to go into all this matter, report back at some time during the sessions of this Convention, setting out this important cause, and that said commission shall continue this work during the next conventional year, giving a thorough study to this whole question, keeping the matter constantly before our people and making a full report to the next Convention.

G. H. Crutcher J. L. Gross
E. Y. Mullins L. R. Scarborough