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Resolution On Memorial Resolution

WHEREAS, In the providence of our gracious Lord there has been taken from our midst our beloved friend and fellow laborer, Dr. J. Howard Williams; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Williams has served his Lord and his denomination well and faithfully; as a beloved pastor, serving the First Baptist Churches of Sulphur Springs, Texas; Corsicana, Texas; Amarillo, Texas; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; as a faithful denominational servant, twice serving as the Executive Secretary of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, and as Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, and as a seminary president, serving as president of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary of Fort Worth, Texas; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Williams lived sincerely as a genuine Christian, leaving in our midst an enduring influence for good in behalf of the cause of Christ;

Therefore, Be It RESOLVED: That this One Hundred and First Session of the Southern Baptist Convention shall go on record,

First, As expressing its gratitude to God for Dr. Williams’ faithful and enduring ministry;

Second, As expressing its heartfelt sympathy to Mrs. J. Howard Williams and the family as Dr. Williams in the hour of their sorrow;

Third, As expressing to Southwestern Seminary assurance of its prayers in the Seminary’s behalf during the days of its great need;

Fourth, As expressing the wish that copies of this resolution be placed in the minutes of the Annual of the Southern Baptist Convention; that a copy be sent to Mrs. Williams; and that another copy be released to be Baptist Press.