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Resolution On International Justice

WHEREAS, Reports have been coming for several years past from many independent sources of outrages and injustices of the most revolting kind being committed on the natives of the Congo Free State, Africa, by authority of, and apparently with, the full knowledge of King Leopold, who is the absolute sovereign; and

WHEREAS, The Government of the United States in the year 1884 was the first great power to recognize the independent sovereignty of the Congo State; and

WHEREAS, We believe it to be the privilege and the duty of the citizens of the United States, and especially of Christian citizens, to do all in their power, in the name of humanity and Christianity, to ameliorate the unfortunate condition of affairs in the Congo Free State; therefore

RESOLVED, That it is the belief of this Convention, representing the Baptists, that our Government, in response to a memorial recently presented in the Senate of the United States, should as speedily as possible do all it can in the most fitting way in order once more to open up the Congo State to commerce and mission enterprise and to free the native peoples from the tyranny and oppression of the government of King Leopold.

RESOLVED, That the Secretary of this Convention be instructed to send a copy of this resolution to the public press, to the Secretary of State at Washington, and to Senator John T. Morgan.