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Resolution On Inflation

WHEREAS, A new wave of inflation has gripped the world, stealing from everyone with especially tragic consequences for the poor, and

WHEREAS, Inflation is robbing Bold Mission Thrust in particular and our missionary enterprise in general of greatly needed funds, and

WHEREAS, Among the underlying causes of inflation are human greed and irresponsible spending, and

WHEREAS, The Bible commends responsible stewardship of all human resources,

Therefore be it RESOLVED, That we encourage Southern Baptist churches to give renewed emphasis to Christian stewardship as a powerful anti-inflationary force in the world, and

Be it further RESOLVED, That we plead with both business and labor to lower their demands for unreasonable price and wage increases and that we plead with churches, governments, and charitable organizations to increase their efforts to help the poor who suffer most acutely from inflation, and

Be it finally RESOLVED, That we pledge our personal commitment to shun a life style of conspicuous consumption and to pursue a life style of responsible Christian stewardship and self-sacrifice.