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Resolution On Homosexuality

WHEREAS, All across our nation there is a concerted effort by “Gay Activists” and liberal humanistic politicians to pass ordinances which, under the deceptive guise of human rights, have the effect of giving public approval to the homosexual lifestyle, making it equally acceptable to the biblical heterosexual family life style, and

WHEREAS, Southern Baptists have the opportunity to become involved in their own communities in this struggle.

Be it RESOLVED, That our Convention deplore the proliferation of all homosexual practices, unnatural relations of any character, and sexual perversion whenever found in our society and reaffirm the traditional position of Southern Baptists that all such practices are sin and are condemned by the Word of God.

Be it further RESOLVED, That while the Word of God condemns such practices, relations, and perversion, our Convention affirms that the Bible also offers forgiveness for those who will seek and receive it.