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Resolution On Historical Records

WHEREAS, The American Baptist Historical Society holds important and peculiar relations to the entire denomination throughout the world, and

WHEREAS, It is seeking to secure and to preserve every kind of material pertaining to the Baptists, from the beginning through every stage and vicissitude of their career; and

WHEREAS, It wishes to be in readiness to gather all such material for all time to come, that the activities and achievements of God’s people may be worthily cared for and made known; therefore

RESOLVED, That this matter appeals to Southern Baptists in their constantly increasing regard for all that pertains to educational, spiritual, and missionary advancement.

RESOLVED, That we commend the American Baptist Historical Society to our churches, and to our entire membership, that it may have a place in our thoughts and plans beside our other great agencies, in order that it may be helped, not only to the small amount of money for which it asks, but that there may be sent to it sketches of State history, associational history, personal biography and, indeed, everything which will in any form, illustrate the past and present of our people, in its beginnings and throughout its trials, struggles, and triumphs.