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Resolution On Government

“Resolved by the Southern Baptist Convention in annual session assembled:

First, That we assert and declare again, and for all time, our unfaltering loyalty and devotion to the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and to the Volstead law.

Second, That we pledge our faithful support to all officers and branches of government, municipal, state and federal, in all efforts for the enforcement of the law.

Third, That we protest against every effort to weaken the law and urge Congress speedily to enact all legislation now pending whose purpose is to strengthen the law.

Fourth, That we brand as false the insinuation in the Houston press that there is a sentiment in this Convention in favor of beer and wine.

Fifth, That we are unanimously and unalterably opposed to beer and wine as the inveterate enemies of the human race, bringing blight and curse whenever and however used.”