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Resolution On Foreign Missions

WHEREAS, The policy of organizing and departmentizing the work of the Boards of this Convention and the placing of the most capable leaders to be obtained at the head of each department has proven both wise and beneficent for the work committed to these Boards; and

WHEREAS, The work committed to the Foreign Mission Board is even more complex and far-reaching in its various ramifications and difficult in its management than the work committed to any other of the Boards of this Convention; and

WHEREAS, The ordinary tasks of the Foreign Mission Board have been very greatly increased and intensified and rendered far more important and difficult of management by reason of the new opportunities and new fields opened to this Board and by reason of the greatly increased sums of money which this Convention has determined to raise and expend on Foreign Mission work; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, (1) That this Convention express itself as believing that the time has come when the Foreign Mission Board ought not to longer ask or expect its beloved Secretary and associate to carry on this great work almost alone.

RESOLVED, (2) That we recommend to the immediate, earnest, and prayerful consideration of the Foreign Mission Board such a further organization an departmentization of the great work committed to this Board and the employment of such additional department workers, or field forces, as will speedily enable this Board to render the largest possible service in this new day and opportunity.