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Resolution On Family Farms

WHEREAS, 63 percent of Southern Baptist churches are in the country or in towns of under 2,500 in population, and

WHEREAS, This accounts for 36 percent of Southern Baptist total membership, and

WHEREAS, The United States has lost over 50 percent of its family farms in the last thirty years, and

WHEREAS, The loss of these farms directly affects rural communities, schools, businesses, and churches, and

WHEREAS, The continued loss of family farms is a threat to rural communities, traditional values, a family-based food production system, and ultimately food security in this nation and around the world.

Therefore be it RESOLVED, That we support current efforts to preserve the family farm as a vital part of the food production system in this country, and

Be it further RESOLVED, That we urge individual Southern Baptists to communicate with their elected congressional representatives in support of political policies which will preserve the family farm and thereby help preserve the life and well-being of thousands of churches.