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Resolution On Concerning Obscenity In Literature

WHEREAS, There is an extremely sordid, lewd, obscene, and indecent type of literature published and sold throughout our nation, which disseminates artful appeals to sensuality, immorality, and degeneracy; and

WHEREAS, This type of indecent literature is largely the product of commercial exploitation serving no good purpose at all, but rather offending chastity modesty, and purity, destroying ideals of home life, encouraging delinquency and crime and eating like a vicious cancer at the moral integrity and decency of youths and adults; and

WHEREAS, There is rising nation-wide disgust over this abuse and misuse of freedom transforming liberty into license; and

WHEREAS, In the 82nd Congress, there was set up a select committee or current pornographic materials, which has produced an informing and alarming report to the nation as of December 31, 1952; and

WHEREAS, There are Federal, state, and municipal laws throughout the land regarding such obscene publications;


First, That the Southern Baptist Convention most heartily commends this congressional investigation into obscene literature and lend our support to the legal restraints to arrest this evil.

Second, That we call upon our leaders and people, especially our denominational press, to help arouse public sentiment and to educate regarding the dangers of such obscenity.

Third, That we call upon publishers, distributors, and dealers to voluntarily cooperate in withdrawing from sale all types of literature destructive of the morality of our nation.

Fourth, That we commend those who are already cooperating in this worthy endeavor.

Fifth, That this matter be called specifically to the attention of the Editorial Department of the Sunday School Board, requesting them to work out some practical plan whereby the purpose of this resolution may be carried out as fully as possible.