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Resolution On Christian Morality

WHEREAS, We are surrounded by many indications of declining moral, ethical, and spiritual standards in our nation, and,

WHEREAS, This lowering of such standards has resulted in the portrayal in mass media of immoral and questionable practices as normal lifestyles, and,

WHEREAS, There is an urgent need for Baptists and other concerned citizens to stand for high moral principles.

Be it therefore RESOLVED, That the Southern Baptist Convention in Kansas City in June 1977 urge our churches and their members to give strong support to our Christian Life Commission’s leadership in protesting television’s use of illicit sex, casual violence, alcoholic promotion, materialism, vulgarity, and profanity.

Be it finally RESOLVED, That we reaffirm our continuing opposition to such immoral practices as pornography, obscenity, child abuse, and the exploitation of children in pornography, and that we express vigorous opposition to gambling in all its forms, and especially to the efforts of the gambling industry to legalize gambling by state and national laws; and that we commend members of our legislatures and of Congress who take a stand against the evils of legalized gambling and support them in their defense of public morality.