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Resolution On Census Of Religious Bodies

WHEREAS, The 1936 Census of Religious Bodies, due to a threat in the questionnaire sent out by our Census Bureau, did not properly represent evangelical groups; and

WHEREAS, The incorrect census has caused embarrassment to Southern Baptists, and has furnished misinformation to many interested in religious data, and

WHEREAS, The Census Bureau is taking a 1946 Census of Religious Bodies with a questionnaire that does not violate Baptist conscience;

Therefore, Be It RESOLVED:

1. That we recommend to the churches that they cooperate with the Census Bureau in taking this census, and that an effort be made to reach every church.

2. That the request of the Census Bureau, after every effort has been made to reach each church, to accept the reports not received, as published in the 1947 Handbook, and

3. That a copy of these resolutions be forwarded to the Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce.