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Resolution On Appreciation

The Southern Baptist Convention in its 128th session meeting in Dallas, Texas, June 11-13, 1985, express deep appreciation to the citizens of Dallas for the hospitality extended to the messengers of the Convention.

We acknowledge our debt of gratitude to the local committees for the many courtesies, services, and accommodations that have made our stay a pleasant one.

We extend a special word of thanks to the press and radio and television stations for their informative and adequate coverage of the session and other pertinent activities of the Convention.

We commend the officers of the Convention, President Charles F. Stanley, and Vice-President Zig Ziglar, and Donald V. Wideman for their fair, knowledgeable, and patient presiding.

We also express our appreciation to Dr. Stanley for his loving and Christlike spirit as he served as president of the Southern Baptist Convention this past year, highlighted by the president’s address to the Convention.

We also express our appreciation to all of the heads of our Southern Baptist Convention agencies for their devotion to Christ, loyalty to their tasks, and leadership in difficult times of our beloved Convention.

We commend the Committee on Order of Business for arranging and conducting an informative and challenging program.

We express our profound gratitude to all of these who have contributed so much to the enjoyment of our visit and the success of this our 128th annual session.