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Resolution On Anti-semitism

WHEREAS, Anti-Semitism has been a serious problem for the church through most of Christian history, and

WHEREAS, This unchristian attitude on the part of many peoples has led to brutal persecutions of the Jews in numerous countries and societies, and

WHEREAS, The most flagrant and cruel expression of this spiritual malignancy, the Nazi holocaust, transpired in our generation, and

WHEREAS, Latent anti-Semitism lies barely under the surface in many western, Christian cultures today, and

WHEREAS, Many Christian communions and denominations, including our own, have failed to take a sufficiently vigorous stand against anti-Semitism, and

WHEREAS, It is clearly a moral and ethical question of the greatest magnitude, and

WHEREAS, Baptists share with Jews a heritage of persecution and suffering for conscience sake,

Therefore, be it RESOLVED, That this Convention go on record as opposed to any and all forms of anti-Semitism; that it declare anti-Semitism unchristian; that we messengers to this Convention pledge ourselves to combat anti-Semitism in every honorable, Christian way.

Be it further RESOLVED, That Southern Baptists covenant to work positively to replace all anti-Semitic bias with the Christian attitude and practice of love for Jews, who along with all other men, are equally beloved of God.