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Resolution Concerning The Accidental Death Toll

1. That we gratefully record the fact that the number of deaths and injuries caused by accident shows such marked decrease during the year 1938, “the greatest improvement ever recorded in a single year.”

2. That we deplore the fact that even with this marked reduction there were still 95,000 deaths and 9,200,000 injuries caused by accidents of all kinds; that in spite of the mechanization of the age and the speed at which we live a proper spirit of care and caution ought to serve greatly to reduce this prodigal waste of human life.

3. That this Convention urge our Baptist people everywhere to show a great regard for the sanctity of life and to exercise great care to protect themselves and others against accidental death and harm.

4. That while the exact figures are not obtainable, it is true beyond the per-adventure of a doubt that the use of alcoholic beverages, resulting in the drinking and drunken driver and in the drinking and drunken pedestrian on our streets and highways, is a serious factor in the number of accidental deaths and injuries, and that this, among many other things, calls loudly for the outlawry and destruction of the whole beverage liquor traffic.