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Resolution Concerning Selective Service Legislation For Vocational Lay Religious Leaders

WHEREAS, The resolution passed by this Convention last year requesting the National Selective Service Headquarters to authorize the 4-D classification for denominationally-certified, full-time, vocational lay religious workers has not received a definite statement of policy from this department, and with no indication that it will, and

WHEREAS, There still exists wide discrepancy on the part of local boards throughout the country in granting this standing, resulting in great hardship to individuals, and to churches, with no recourse except an appeal direct to the President,

THEREFORE, This Convention respectfully petitions the Congress of the United States to change “and” to “or” in Article 1622.43 Section 16 of selective service regulations so as to read “preachers or teachers” or provide whatever other legislation is necessary to give these workers and students preparing for this work the 4-D classification.