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Resolution Concerning Peace

WHEREAS, Our beloved country continues to be engaged in warfare in Vietnam, with last week’s casualty list being the longest in the history of that conflict, and

WHEREAS, Our hearts reach out toward lonely young men in terrible hardships, suffering, and death, far from home, and to boys yet at home who face a doubtful future with fears and apprehension, and

WHEREAS, Parents and loved ones of these men afar and boys at home must share this burden of sorrow and beclouded future,

Therefore, be it RESOLVED, That this Convention reassert that the great Christians goal of history is the reign of peace, both in the hearts of men and in world affairs. Let this body assembled make the attempt to lift high to both leaders and the followers of this world the emphatic words of our Master, “Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called the children of God” (Matt. 5:9). Let us here call Baptists and fellow Christians throughout our land to renewed prayer for our American troops, for their loved ones, for our enemies, and for world leaders, that they may somehow be led of God together to find the high and honorable road to peace and gain together the wisdom and courage to walk it.