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Resolution Concerning Ministers Receiving Social Security Benefits (referred To The Executive Committee)

WHEREAS, Two bills (H.R. 1236 and H.R. 2249) have been introduced into the 83rd Congress of the United States which extend Social Security benefits to ordained, commissioned, or licensed ministers; and

WHEREAS, Social Security participation by ministers may have a direct bearing on the principle of the separation of church and state; and

WHEREAS, The question of Social Security benefits for Southern Baptist ministers is vitally related to the services offered by the Relief and Annuity Board of our Convention; and

WHEREAS, Six of the major denominational groups of our country have already taken action favoring Social Security participation by their ministers; and

WHEREAS, A number of our constituency feel that, as tax-paying citizens ministers of the gospel should have equal rights and benefits in the Social Security program along with other tax-paying citizens; therefore,

Be it RESOLVED, That a special committee of nine (9) members be appointed to give careful study to the question of participation by ministers in Social Security benefits, and report its findings and recommendations, if any, to the Convention in 1954; and

Be it further RESOLVED, That the program committee, arranging for the 1954 Convention, provide ample time on the agenda for full consideration of the matter following the committee’s report: and

Be it further RESOLVED, That should current legislation, or other factors, make it advisable that some action be taken before our next annual session, the committee shall make its report, or recommendations, if any, to the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention for action by that Committee.