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Resolution Concerning Government And Fundamental Human Rights

1. That we reaffirm our belief in and devotion to the basic principles of government and human liberty which are expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, and upon which our government is founded.

2. That in keeping with these principles the function of government is to recognize the inalienable rights of the citizen and to protect him in the free exercise of these rights, and that the government has no right to undertake any regimentation of the citizens or any centralization of governmental powers in any public official or any branch of the government that would limit or abridge human freedom, civil or religious.

3. That it is the duty and obligation of the citizen to give patriotic support to the government in all worthy enterprises so long as the government recognizes these principles and that conservely it is the duty and obligation of the citizen to do all in his power to keep the government true to these principles and to resist in every way possible under the Constitution all governmental policies that would infringe upon these fundamental rights.


1. That the Southern Baptist Convention reaffirms its devotion to the basic American and New Testament doctrine of the absolute freedom of religion and the absolute separation of church and state.

2. That this principle always and everywhere forbids all government subsidies to religion and religious institutions and all governmental authority over or control of the free exercise of religion.

3. That we urge upon all our Baptist people and institutions the vital importance and necessity for their being alert and sensitive in such matters and refusing all governmental aid, however indirectly offered, and of resisting the bestowal of such aid upon any interest or institution of any and all other denominations.

4. That the Southern Baptist Convention again give its approval to the proposal to amend the Constitution of the United States so as to prohibit the appropriation of public funds to sectarian institutions by any unit of government.

5. That if and when such amendment shall be offered in Congress the Social Service Commission is hereby authorized to use its influence in every proper way to secure the adoption of such amendment.