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Resolution Concerning Freedom Of Religion

1. That we record our satisfaction that the new threat to the freedom of religion, the O’Day Bill, which would have brought our churches and all benevolent institutions under the taxing power of the government, was unanimously defeated in the Ways and Means Committee of the House of Representatives.

2. That while we rejoice in our freedom we must not use our freedom as an occasion of the flesh and that our denomination should make worthy and adequate provision for its aged and disabled ministers and religious workers of all classes. The Minister’s Retirement Plan, now being promoted by the Relief and Annuity Board, and already adopted by many of our Baptist institutions and by many of the States within the bounds of the Southern Baptist Convention, should be adopted by all and vigorously promoted until adequate provision shall be made for the physical comfort and well-being of all aged and disabled ministers and all other workers who give their entire time, effort and strength to the promotion of our Baptist interests.