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Resolution Concerning Crime And Law Enforcement

1. That the American people have every reason to bow their heads in shame at the enormous volume of crime now prevailing within our borders. That we should have according to the best and most reliable estimate an army of 4,600,000 criminals, and that the cost of crime should now be $15,000,000,000 a year, is the source of sorrow and shame to all sober minded, right thinking, liberty-loving citizens.

2. That while there are many contributing causes we would recognize laxity in law enforcement and a general spirit of apathy toward crime among our people as among the chief causes, and that we pledge ourselves to greater diligence both in support of public officials in the exercise of their obligations and in the cultivation of a keen and intelligent understanding among the masses as to what this enormous volume of crime means.

3. That here as elsewhere the gospel of Christ, intelligently and earnestly preached, humbly and reverently received and faithfully and zealously lived, offers the only hope for the solution of the crime problem; that in proportion as we make our nation a Christian nation indeed so will the crime record diminish and disappear.