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WHEREAS, A great calamity by earthquake and fire has come upon San Francisco and vicinity, causing vast destruction of property and cutting off the incomes of thousands of people; and,

WHEREAS, Four Baptist churches were totally destroyed, one wrecked, a dozen or more seriously damaged, and many of our Baptist brethren lost their property and business; therefore be it

RESOLVED, By the Southern Baptist Convention, that we express our deep sympathy with our California brethren in distress.

RESOLVED, That we heartily endorse the Emergency Call of the Baptist Relief Committee, with its office at 906 Broadway, Oakland, Cal., to the Baptist brotherhood of America for money to help in rebuilding these churches, and that we recommend that an offering be taken in every church for this object; and

RESOLVED, That a committee of three be appointed by this body to further this deserving cause, through our denominational press and otherwise.