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WHEREAS, This is a most dignified body, and

WHEREAS, We are meeting to transact business for the Master, and

WHEREAS, The practice of applause is not conducive to the best fellowship or parliamentary practice; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That applause during the business sessions of this Convention is contrary to the best interest, and is therefore forbidden by this body.

The resolutions which follow are dedicated to two propositions:

(1) The Southern Baptist Convention itself is greater in conception, in full-orbed vision, and in organization for service than any of the bodies which meet in connection with it.

(2) As such it is entitled to the presence at its sessions of messengers who are unwearied by attendance upon other meetings of any kind, whatsoever. Therefore, Be it resolved:

1. That all Boards, Commissions, Committees, and employes which function under the direction of this Convention be, and they are hereby, instructed to arrange for no meetings to attract the public immediately before the date or hour of the Convention’s annual assembling. This shall not be interpreted as referring to the Woman’s Missionary Union.

2. That all public meetings, banquets, and general conferences which are held outside the hall of assembly during the sessions of the Convention and sponsored by any agency of the Convention shall adjourn at least fifteen minutes before the scheduled time of the Convention’s assembling.

3. That while this Convention recognizes the fact that it has no jurisdiction over the acts of individual messengers or groups of messengers, yet, in behalf of the best interests of the Convention itself, we earnestly request that all such bind themselves by the same rules of conduct.